What is the history of the Page County Broadband project?
The Page County Broadband Authority was created in 2008 by the county council to design and implement advanced broadband network services for the county. While a relatively new entity the Authority’s staff have extensive industry experience and knowledge of grant oversight and management. The countywide development brings together community anchor institutions and broadband service providers to access a county-created backbone to service the local population. The Authority’s members have extensive experience with local technology, business, and economic development issues. The project has strong community support.
How and for what purpose did Page County obtain funding for the project?
PCBA initiated the broadband project in 2009 upon receipt of a grant from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, administered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Matching funds were provided by partner organization Shentel, which is also contracted to operate the network for 10 years following completion. The PCBA project also proposes to provide the Page County Memorial Hospital with the capacity to gain remote access to clinical services, patient monitoring, high-resolution scanning, and X-ray services, thus improving medical services in the area. This project also seeks to enable students and educators to employ full-streaming video, video conferencing, and distance learning applications.
Has the network been completed?
The completed network includes both fiber optic and microwave components that connect Page County’s three towns to the internet via broadband for the first time.  This initial phase of broadband development makes high speed connections available to community anchor institutions like the hospital, police, fire and rescue, and other public service institutions, that might otherwise face cost barriers to accessing high speed internet.  It also provides a pipeline for market based services to lease connections, construct extensions of the network, and sell high speed access to businesses and homes.
Who monitors and maintains the network?
PCBA has contracted with Shentel to monitor and maintain the network.
What is the role of service providers?
Service providers lease connections on the PCBA network to reach and serve customers. Each service provider develops their own service offerings and associated pricing. Customers are to contact service providers directly for information regarding these services and their costs.
Who can be a service provider?
Any internet service provider wishing to offer services utilizing the network can do so provided they can meet the contractual obligations established by the PCBA.
When will services be available?
The deployment of services to the customer is driven by the service provider. PCBA does not provide services to individual customers. The time required before services will be available you will depend upon the effort required for deployment and installation by the provider. The schedule for deployment can be impacted by the complexity of the installation, contract negotiations, weather, and customer demand.

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